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Ms Liliana Montoya De La Cruz
Senior Lecturer (Education) in Art Psychotherapy


Liliana Montoya De La Cruz is the Programme Lead for the MA in Art Psychotherapy. She is an Art Therapist, Visual Artist and Art Educator born in Colombia, and has lived most of her life in Europe between the UK, France and Spain. She has an MA in Art Therapy from the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville, where she has been lecturing and tutoring since 2017.

As an art therapist she has worked with children and adolescents in schools and in social services with women victims of domestic abuse. More recently she has worked in the humanitarian sector with the Red Pencil and the Red Cross implementing Art Therapy first-aid interventions for asylum seekers in refugee reception centres in Malaga, Spain.

Since 2007 she runs a community arts studio in Surrey and in 2014 she co-founded an inclusive arts school in Southern Spain. She is also a practising visual artist using primarily ceramics as her medium of expression.