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Dr Max Kinnings
Reader in Creative Writing

Gaskell Building 128


Max Kinnings has written the screenplays for feature film productions, Act of Grace (2012), Alleycats (2016) and The Pagan King (2018) as well as various film projects in development including a film adaptation of his critically acclaimed play, Wireless Operator (2019). He is the author of four novels, Hitman (2000), The Fixer (2002), Baptism (2012) and Sacrifice (2013), and the ghost writer of Rik Mayall’s bestselling spoof autobiography, Bigger Than Hitler Better Than Christ (2005). In 2014, Max was part of the writing team for the award-winning Sony PlayStation game, Little Big Planet 3. Prior to his writing career, he spent twelve years devising advertising and marketing campaigns for music festivals, tours, comedy shows and West End theatre productions.

Max's current projects include a BBC Radio 4 documentary about his experiences of working with actor and comedian, Rik Mayall, a new novel focusing on cyber-stalking and AI, and a feature film, Death by PowerPoint, that he has co-written and is producing alongside industry professionals, and colleagues and students at Brunel. 

As Director of Internationalisation for the Department of Arts & Humanities, Max has created the Storyspace Summer School which will take place on campus at Brunel in July 2024.


BA (hons) Social Science (Polytechnic of Central London) 

PhD Creative Writing (Brunel University London)  


Director of Internationalisation: Arts & Humanities