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Professor Nicola Ansell
Professor - Human Geography

Marie Jahoda 204


Research supervision

  • Clementina Obijuru: Cultural tourism in the experience economy in Nigeria (2nd supervisor)
  • Mohammed Murtada Al-Hashemi: Youth empowerment in Qatar (1st supervisor, awarded 2021)
  • Laura Batatota: Aspirations of young people in Sri Lanka (1st supervisor, awarded 2020)
  • Rakibe Kulcur: Gender and environmental NGOs (2nd supervisor, awarded 2013)
  • Virginie le Masson: Gender and climate change in the Himalayas (2nd supervisor, awarded 2013)
  • Elodie Marandet: International AIDS policies in Malawi and the new aid architecture (1st supervisor, awarded 2013)
  • Barbara Van Wijnendaele: Youth participation, empowerment and emotion in San Salvador (1st supervisor, awarded 2011)
  • Leo Zeilig: Student politics in Zimbabwe and Senegal (1st supervisor, awarded 2005)
  • Susan Weller: Citizenship education and rural social exclusion (2nd supervisor, awarded 2004)