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Dr Oleg Badunenko
Senior Lecturer in Economics and Finance

Marie Jahoda 236


I was appointed as a senior lecturer at Economics and Finance department in College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences at Brunel University London in December 2019. Before joining Brunel University London, I worked as a research associate at the German Institute for Economics Research (DIW-Berlin), Assistant Professor at the University of Cologne, and Senior Lecturer at University of Portsmouth. My primary research areas parametric and nonparametric efficiency and productivity measurement. Additionally, I am interested in analysing world-wide polarization and inequality, drivers of individual and aggregate competitiveness and well-being.


Dr. rer. pol., European University Viadrina, Frankfurt(O), Germany, 2007

MA in Economics, Economic Education and Research Consortium (EERC), Kyiv, Ukraine, 2003

Newest selected publications

Badunenko, O., Dadoukis, A., Fusi, G. and Simper, R. (2021) 'The Impact of Efficiency on Asset Quality in Banking'. European Journal of Finance, 0 (in press). pp. 596 - 620. ISSN: 1351-847X

Journal article

Alfaihani, S., Badunenko, O. and Jaffry, S. (2021) 'Market size and market structure in banking'. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 72. pp. 101342 - 101342. ISSN: 1042-4431

Journal article

Badunenko, O., Cullmann, A., Kumbhakar, SC. and Nieswand, M. (2021) 'The effect of restructuring electricity distribution systems on firms' persistent and transient efficiency: The case of Germany'. Energy Journal, 42 (4). pp. 152 - 152. ISSN: 0195-6574 Open Access Link

Journal article

Badunenko, O., Kumbhakar, SC. and Lozano‚ÄźVivas, A. (2020) 'Achieving a sustainable cost-efficient business model in banking: The case of European commercial banks'. European Journal of Operational Research, 293 (2). pp. 773 - 785. ISSN: 0377-2217 Open Access Link

Journal article

Badunenko, O., Mazrekaj, D., Kumbhakar, SC. and De Witte, K. (2020) 'Persistent and Transient Inefficiency in Adult Education'. Empirical Economics: a quarterly journal of the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, in press (6). pp. 2925 - 2942. ISSN: 0377-7332 Open Access Link

Journal article
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