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Professor Olwyn Westwood
Director of Postgraduate Education / Professor of Medical Education


Assessment of clinical and surgical competence

Research supervision

Thesis Examiner – Ph.D and MSc at:

Examiner for Ph.D. awards at Surrey, King’s College London, Bolton, and Portsmouth

Supervision of around 50 Master’s theses at University of Surrey Roehampton, Surrey, and Warwick


Thesis Supervision - Ph.D. and Professional Doctorate theses

Supervision and examination of theses, have been an integral part of my academic roles

University of London              Sargu Patel                                 Ph.D awarded 1996

University of London              Alistair Easterfield                   Ph.D awarded 1999

University of Surrey                Saiqa Malik                                Ph.D awarded 2002

University of Surrey                Mona Patel                                Ph.D awarded 2002

University of Surrey                Iain Haysom                              Ph.D awarded 2002

University of London               Victoria Tzortziou Brown      Ph.D awarded 2015

University of Surrey                Allison Wiseman                       D.Clin Pract. awarded 2016

University of London               Simon Fleming                          Ph.D registered 2014 (part-time)