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Dr Will Gervais
Reader in Psychology


I'm a cultural and evolutionary psychologist who studies what people believe about the world. I'm curious about a lot things that fall under the cultural/evolutionary psychology umbrella, but I'm especially interested in atheists. What do atheists teach us about belief, morality, and what it means to be human?


PhD - University of British Columbia

MS - University of British Columbia

BS - University of Denver

Newest selected publications

Schimmelpfennig, R., Spicer, R., White, CJM., Gervais, W., Norenzayan, A., Heine, S., et al. (2024) 'The Moderating Role of Culture in the Generalizability of Psychological Phenomena'. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 7 (1). pp. 1 - 6. ISSN: 2515-2459 Open Access Link

Journal article

McKay, RT., Gervais, W. and Davis, CJ. (2023) '‘So Help Me God’? Does oath swearing in courtroom scenarios impact trial outcomes?'. British Journal of Psychology, 0 (ahead-of-print). pp. 1 - 24. ISSN: 0007-1269 Open Access Link

Journal article

Hoogeveen, S., Haaf, JM., Bulbulia, JA., Ross, RM., McKay, R., Altay, S., et al. (2022) 'The Einstein effect provides global evidence for scientific source credibility effects and the influence of religiosity'. Nature Human Behaviour, 6 (4). pp. 523 - 535. ISSN: 2397-3374 Open Access Link

Journal article

Vohs, KD., Schmeichel, BJ., Lohmann, S., Gronau, QF., Finley, AJ., Ainsworth, SE., et al. (2021) 'A Multisite Preregistered Paradigmatic Test of the Ego-Depletion Effect'. Psychological Science, 32 (10). pp. 1566 - 1581. ISSN: 0956-7976 Open Access Link

Journal article

Beheim, B., Atkinson, Q., Bulbulia, J., Gervais, W., Gray, RD., Henrich, J., et al. (2021) 'Treatment of missing data determined conclusions regarding moralizing gods'. Nature, 595 (7866). pp. E29 - E34. ISSN: 0028-0836 Open Access Link

Journal article
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