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Why study Psychology at Brunel?

Psychology is an exciting and ever-expanding discipline with areas of research that can provide breakthrough knowledge about how the human mind works.

Since the 1960s, we’ve been teaching psychology and creating a legacy of world-leading research that benefits society at large. It is this approach that means Psychology at Brunel is not just the sum of its parts. At Brunel you'll be part of something bigger; accessing and contributing to a database of knowledge that changes the way we see and think, and which broadens our understanding of the human mind. You can be sure that your learning will be current and relevant, providing a firm foundation to specialise in research or pursue a successful career after graduation.

Brunel Psychology student Jess demonstrates EEG

Psychology in practice: Perception and memory in the brain

Brunel student Sana carries out emotional face classification experiment

Psychology in practice: Emotional face classification experiment

Dr Annie Chan explains the phantom limb phenomenon

Psychology in practice: Phantom limb demonstration

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