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Psychology careers and your future

A degree in psychology will equip you with valuable skills that are not limited to a career in behavioural study and investigations into the mind.

The skills gained from studying a psychology degree - like data analysis, problem-solving, team-building and effective communication - are attractive to employers in a wide variety of sectors.

Many psychology graduates do go on to be psychologists, furthering their learning with a Master’s or Doctorate, and pursuing specialist research in particular areas of study. The role of a psychologist can vary from practising in a clinical setting, such as a hospital, to providing counselling in schools or prisons. Plus, with a Brunel Psychology degree, you will gain experience in the workplace with two six-month placements.

However, a degree in psychology could equally lead to a career in media, marketing, HR, law enforcement, finance, government or education.

It's up to you; whatever your desired career path, a degree in psychology will set you up with great experience and a brilliant start to your professional life.

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