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Brunel's Centre for Flood Risk and Resilience was initiated in partnership with industry (e.g., HR Wallingford) and the Environment Agency, and the team will continue to engage with our founding partners.

Our new and/or reformed and JBM-accredited degree programmes in Civil Engineering (Flood and Coastal Engineering) BEngCivil Engineering (Flood and Coastal Engineering) MEngCivil Engineering (Environmental Engineering) BEngCivil Engineering (Environmental Engineering) MEngFlood and Coastal Engineering (with Infrastructure Design) MSc, Flood and Coastal Engineering (with Project Risk Management) MScWater and Environmental Engineering MSc as well as PhD research are also key markers of the Centre’s high-quality education and research offerings with significant international reach. Our research outputs and collaborations also demonstrate our international reach and recognition of quality.

Building on our existing network of collaborators, the CFR2 team is committed to developing long-term and strategic partnerships with industry, government, businesses and no-for-profit organisations to addressing vital flood-related societal challenges. CFR2 also collaborates with centres of excellence in other UK and international universities and we are open to new academic partnerships for enhancing large-scale collaborative research funding as well as mutually beneficial staff and student exchange opportunities. 

Examples of CFR2’s existing and/or former industry and government partners included: