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The College of Business, Arts, and Social Sciences produces innovative and interdisciplinary research to benefit society. Across the six departments and 12 disciplines of the college we collaborate together and with others in the community, nationally, and internationally, to combine creative and critical insights into pressing issues that face society.

Our research encompasses many methodologies and approaches, engages with many debates, operates in many places and situations, seeking to create cultural, social and economic ideas and values that are the cornerstones of democratic civil society. Our diverse research supports the creation of engaged, capable, critical and informed individuals, through public engagement, the teaching of undergraduate and postgraduate students, and in the development of researchers in the institution and among our collaborative partners. We work with a wide variety of universities, schools, government bodies, businesses, charities, or other civil society organisations.

Examples of the rigour and innovativeness of our research, its significance and reach and impact, and its international and creative capacity can be seen in our current projects

CBASS organizes its wide range of disciplines and the diverse research ecology they create through two College Research Hubs:

  • Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Society
  • Global Lives: Identities, Organisations, Communities, Spaces

Each hub is divided into thematic areas which capture the diversity of our research.

Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Creativity, and Society:                                                    

  • Digital Cultures
  • Markets, Innovation, Design, Society
  • Creative Industries
  • Finance and Financialisation

Global Lives: Identities, Organisations, Communities, Spaces:                             

  • Rights/Politics
  • Environments/Cultures
  • Borders/States
  • Bodies/Identities

Led by outstanding and innovative researchers, these hubs work to bring together a range of researchers to explore important topics, discuss new methodologies, and develop new collaborative partnerships.

The hubs also coordinate the work of the College Research Centres, organize our doctoral studentships and organise public activities.