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Automotive Competencies

Key Competencies

Automotive engineering

Our automotive and powertrain research focuses on optimising combustion, fuel economy and emissions using state-of-the-art engine test and simulation facilities.

Materials engineering

We offer world class research and unique facilities for light metals casting and downstream  processing, polymer processing and nanophosphors for displays.

Thermal engineering

Our research work in thermal engineering ranges from studying vehicle waste heat recovery systems to heat management in automotive factories and intelligent transport data systems.

Electric machines and power electronics

Our expertise is focused on developing lightweight electronic motors and more efficient conversion technology to grid charging infrastructure and tariffs.


Our research is focused on human-centred design involving techniques which communicate, interact, empathise with and stimulate the user.

Mathematical modelling

We have significant mathematical modelling expertise which is applicable across the board in automotive research but particularly relevant in the area of intelligent mobility for traffic network planning, control and optimisation.

Need an expert?

Please get in touch for more information and ways of collaborating with our expert scientists by emailing automotive@brunel.ac.uk  or calling our office on 01895 267 954.