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Brunel Digital Design Lab

Design-led technology innovation for digital and digital-physical systems, products, services and experiences

Research, design and development / Consultancy / Knowledge transfer

Brunel Digital Design Lab undertakes human-centred projects across a range of application areas, with the current and completed work covering inclusive design of immersive content and interfaces (VR, AR and MR), digital audiovisual production tools, design for health, assistive technology, social networking, the IoT, e-Government, m-Learning and digital arts. The lab has also been involved in projects within the contexts of physical-only product design and environmental design. The lab benefits from the use of a dedicated space with an assortment of immersive technology equipment. We welcome new collaboration opportunities with industry and academia and PhD candidates interested to join our team.

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Brunel Design School YouTube video image 3 MIB 2023
Brunel Design School YouTube video image 3 MIB 2023

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Brunel Digital Design Lab - Brunel Design School