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About us

Climate change is now widely recognized as one of the most important and urgent environmental problems facing the globe. This is true both in the UK and elsewhere, where sea-level rise and extreme weather events are leading to more severe flooding events.

The Flood, Coastal and Water Engineering Group addresses the challenges of water scarcity, aging water infrastructures and flood management in the UK and worldwide. The group also concentrates on providing research solutions for recycling water and offering sustainable water resources for domestic and industrial uses. The group deploys novel processes for wastewater purification and resource recovery and data driven analytics for monitoring, control and modelling in water resource management.

The research group aims to investigate flood risk and resilience issues under climate change, which mainly includes

  • developing reliable flood prediction techniques to deal with extensive uncertainties in climate projections, hydrological models and other components,
  • establishing multivariate risk inference approaches to reveal interdependence between floods and their drivers such as storms, surges,
  • advancing integrated assessment frameworks to explore the impacts of floods on populations and other socioeconomic activities.

The above research objectives are achievable based on the research basis of the group members as well as productive collaborations with relevant stakeholders such as HR Wallingford, Environment Agency.

The expected outputs can provide scientific support for developing efficient resilience strategies to the future floods under climate change.