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(Inter)Disciplinary Bodies

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(Inter)Disciplinary Bodies


A transdisciplinary conference spotlighting new ways of thinking about why and how "bodies" matter.

The Institute of Communities and Society, the Institute of Health, Medicine and Environments, and the Department of Arts and Humanities will host the inaugural (Inter)Disciplinary Bodies international conference at Brunel University London, Tuesday 25 to Thursday 27 June 2024

This interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary conference, extending beyond academia, unpacks the liberatory and resistive capacities that bodies have, as well as the constraints they are under. Spotlighting new ways of thinking about "bodies" in reference to humans, non-humans, knowledges, knowledge systems, and communities.

On Wednesday 26 June the conference flexes for Bodies Festival, a community arts-led campus takeover, with collaborative interventions from international artists and local residents.

(Inter)Disciplinary Bodies is about the ways that bodies live and transform, and indeed about how they die. It is about bodies in all states of pleasure and pain; about which bodies belong and which are excluded (on what and whose terms), and about bodies both collective and individual.



IDBodies 700
Wednesday 26 June

Uncover the 'Bodies' Festival Programme

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