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Commercial Services

ETC has a long and successful track record providing materials analysis services to industries as diverse as buildings, pharmaceutical and automotive, working with organisations from SMEs to multinationals.

We are UKAS accredited for many techniques giving an increased level of assurance that the service provided will meet your requirements every time.  

Accredited Services

UKAS accredited services that are offered at ETC Brunel (lab nr 2245) include: 

  • Asbestos analysis of air filters, wipe samples, dust and bulk samples as well as water solutions;
  • Qualitative and Quantitative chemical analysis by SEM
  • Qualitative analysis by FTIR
  • Qualitative analysis by XRD
 UKAS Accreditation Symbol - purple on white - Testing2245

When it comes to material analysis/testing we supply a bespoke service including designing test protocols following the contract review, analysis work, results interpretation and production of a formal report. We can also provide training and access to our equipment to generate data for your own analysis at a discounted rate. 

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