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Circular economy implementation in the urban water sector

Our project aimed to develop and apply a circular economy assessment methodology to Anglian Water’s Shop Window initiative in Newmarket (“Shop Window”), where innovation is being driven across the entire man-made water cycle.

The circularity assessment we developed provided a quantitative measure of the circularity performance and helped determine the most sustainable, low-cost and low environmental footprint solutions for maximising the quality and sustainability of the water services. Our circularity analysis evaluated the potential to retain and valorise the water-related energy, nutrient and material value among the whole water supply chain, minimised waste flows and revealed the key intersections with the different interrelated supply chains. That, in turn, revealed the wider benefits of achieving the project’s aspirational goals and supported the decision making process.

The assessment was based on existing frameworks of material flow analysis, life cycle assessment and life cycle costing and this way took into account the material, environmental and economic dimensions and identify customers’ and stakeholders’ roles to foster the circular economy transition.

On completion of the project, Anglian Water was able to communicate the results, enhance the visibility of the project and promote the Shop Window’s circularity model as a pioneer for circular economy implementation in the urban water sector.

The 4 Phases of the project are summarized as follows:

  • Phase A: Shop Window’s baseline circularity assessment and methodology development
  • Phase B: Preliminary assessment and ranking of Shop Window technologies and practices
  • Phase C: Technology circularity assessment and scenario analysis
  • Phase D: Development of an assessment tool

View a video about the Innovation Shop Window below, produced by Anglian Water.

View on YouTube https://youtu.be/0Q9hSHo508I

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Meet the Principal Investigator(s) for the project

Dr Evina Katsou - Academic / Research Career Dr. Evina Katsou is Reader in Civil & Environmental Engineering and Course Director of the Water Engineering MSc at Brunel University London. Dr Katsou is leading the Water Engineering group consisting of 8 PhD students and 4 postdoctoral researchers. She has authored 77 publications (h-index: 21), 11 book chapters, over 100 presentations in international conferences/workshops and has delivered over 16 invited talks. Dr Katsou has 1 patent on the production of biopolymers within wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). She is the PI of 6 H2020 and 4 UK National projects, as well as Co-I of 4 H2020 projects in the area of circular economy. Evina is currently leading the WG (Transformation Tools) of the Cost Action CA17133 and co-leading the SMART WATER working group of the ICT4Water Cluster, while she is member of the drafting team of the New ISO standards TC 323 on Circular Economy (WG: measuring circularity). Within projects HYDROUSA (H2020; Technical Director), SmartPlant (H2020; Technical Director), DEEP-Purple (BBI; DSS development and circularity assessment), WATER-MINING (H2020; WP leader), BL2F (H2020; WP Leader), INTCATCH (H2020), iWAYS (SPIRE H2020) she is leader of the WPs related with the development and application of tools for the optimization, monitoring, assessment  and validation of the new processes / products. Dr Katsou has also conducts wide range of consulting activities with contracts awarded from leading UK water industry partners, including Affinity Water, Arup, Sever Trent, BuroHappold Engineering, Anglian Water. Industrial Activities Determination of the most effective & low-cost solution for tackling the problem of galvanized iron corrosion in specific parts of the Affinity Water piping network, which is caused by the surface water imported from Grafham reservoir; 2019-2020  Circular Economy Shop Window, Anglian Water 2019-2020  MBR design and start-up, Astana, Nazarbayev University, 2019-2020 Technical support for the chemical-physical-respirometric control & preliminary evaluation of an EGSB reactor for the treatment of wastewater from textile industry, SIMEM SpA, 2014             Technical support for the evaluation & optimization of the wastewater treatment plant (technical & economic data) of the pharmaceutical company Fidia Farmaceutici SpA, Abano Terme (PD), 2013-2014.  Monitoring of the current treatment processes & capacity of the municipal wastewater treatment plant of Maser Municipality (TV, Italy); examination & evaluation of the potential co-treatment of wastewater from the Municipality of Asolo (TV, Italy); feasibility study & technical aspects, Alto Trevigiano Servizi Srl, InnovEn srl, 2013-2014.   Monitoring of the wastewater treatment plant of the Hellenic Petroleum in the Eleusis Refinery, Hellenic Petroleum, 2010  Disposal of the treated wastewater of the Hellenic Petroleum in the Eleusis Refinery & monitoring of the sea water & sediments in the vicinity of the outfall, Hellenic Petroleum, 2010  Monitoring & improvement of the industrial & municipal wastewater treatment plants of the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI), HAI, 2010  Environmental assessment of the disposal of the treated wastewaters of the Eleusis Refinery, Hellenic Petroleum, 2009
Dr Peyo Stanchev

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