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Brunel Social Work presents at the British Society of Gerontology meeting 2018

BSG 2018-Beauty

Professor Holly Nelson-Becker, Division Lead for Social  Work, together with Ms. Eleanor van den Heuvel and Professor Christina Victor, Vice-Dean for Research, presented on Aesthetics and Quality of life for Older Adults: The role of Environments in Supporting Ageing Well. This innovative paper presented focus group research exploring the emotional and cognitive aspects of what is perceived as beautiful.

Conclusions included the potential of beauty to assist older people to positively frame difficult life events and the role of beauty as a restorative agent. Over 500 people participated in the British Society of Gerontology’s annual meeting this year.

The paper was part of a symposium organised by Ms. van den Heuvel on Aesthetics and Ageing in the 21st century held at the British Society of  Gerontology annual meeting in Manchester from 4-6th July.  Social Work explores concerns and strengths throughout the life course and beauty is an underexplored, accessible resource to people living in any environment.

Come join the Brunel Social Work MA to learn about this and other research to build the human spirit.