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Why study Social Work at Brunel?

Gain the skills and knowledge to start a rewarding social work career

Studying Social Work at Brunel equips you with a strong understanding of the skills, theories and approaches of this critical discipline that makes a difference in our communities. You’ll be able to turn your passion for making a difference into a rewarding career.

Your Social Work postgraduate degree will equip you with the comprehensive pre-entry skills to work in any agency employing social workers in the UK.

You’ll learn ethical, innovative and effective social work practise that actively promotes social justice in our diverse society. Upon successful graduation, you can apply for Social Work England registration, giving you the right to practise as a social worker in the UK.

You’ll gain the best of both worlds – academic expertise combined with high-quality practise placements. You’ll benefit from an exceptional learning experience from our academic experts who have years of experience of upholding the values of social work and blend theory into the latest practise. You’ll also carry out over 170 work placement days in essential organisations to develop you into a confident and adaptable practitioner.

Your immersive learning experience equips you with the crucial skills, understanding and reflective capacity to become an effective and innovative social worker.

You may have the opportunity to gain funding on your Social Work postgraduate degree. 79% of students who started the Social Work at Brunel in 2018 received an NHS bursary, which is a reflection of the exceptional standing of our well-established programme. Find out more.

Achieve your potential on your Social Work degree