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Social Work skills development

The immersive learning experience on your Social Work MA equips you with the crucial skills, understanding and reflective capacity to become an effective and innovative social worker.

Here are some examples of the skills you’ll gain in your pursuit of becoming an exceptional social worker:

Communication skills

Good social work communication skills involves more than just verbal discussion, it also involves using skills such as empathy, active listening, relationship building and appropriate boundary setting.

On your Social Work postgraduate degree at Brunel, you’ll actively learn these skills and get the opportunity to practise them alongside academics and your fellow students. You’ll also practise these skills in real-world settings when you go on your work placements.

Critical thinking

Social work gives you a number of different and unexpected challenges, which require unique solutions where you’ll need to think on your feet using logic, analysis and creativity.

In your Social Work degree, you’ll first learn a range of theory and information around these areas that you’ll put into practise in your work placement days.


Social workers require good organisation skills to be able to manage their clients changing needs and situations in order to maintain positive yet productive relationships.

On your Social Work degree, you learn many vital topics, produce a 15,000 word dissertation and participate in 170 work placement days. This develops your ability to manage multiple activities and relationships in order to achieve successful outcomes.


Social work gymtherapy practical session at Brunel University London

Social Work in Practice: Gymtherapy

Social work yoga practical session at Brunel University London

Social Work in Practice: Yoga

mock court at Brunel University London

Social Work in Practice: Court case role -play

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