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Top tips for parents and carers

Talking about some of the practicalities of uni life and living away from home can help them (and you) get ready for the exciting changes ahead.

Here are a few pointers from parents of current Brunel students:

For students:

  • Coping on their own
  • Learning to study independently
  • Budgeting
  • Laundry and cooking
  • Cleaning and washing up
  • Making friends
  • Getting to know campus i.e. medical centre, student centre, key services.

For you:

  • Your house is likely to be quieter … and also possibly cleaner and tidier
  • You will miss them but you’ll realise how proud you are of them
  • You will need to work out with them how and when to keep contact
  • Trust your son or daughter to have a successful life outside the home
  • They will need space to try new activities and friendships (and maybe new relationships too!).