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Written Evidence: The Work of the Electoral Commission - Prof Justin Fisher


"I have not seen a strong case to suggest that significant reform of the current responsibilities or structure of the Electoral Commission is either desirable or practical. However, as outlined in my evidence, the following proposals may enhance the Commission’s effectiveness" - read the written evidence on the work of the Electoral Commission submitted by Professor Justin Fisher, Brunel University London

Executive Summary

  • Recommendation 1: The Electoral Commission should continue to perform its current roles and functions.
  • Recommendation 2: The enforcement of candidate spending should come under the remit of the Commission.
  • Recommendation 3: Both the investigatory powers and the fines available to the Commission should be extended.
  • Recommendation 4: Consideration should be given to whether the administration and funding of elections should fall under the Commission’s remit.
  • Recommendation 5: Consideration should be given to creating an Electoral Commissioner responsible for sub-national government.

Read the full written evidence here.