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Aerospace Engineering facilities

You’ll have the practical experience that closely matches industry needs by working with our specialised aerospace engineering equipment in our laboratories. 

Our aerospace engineering courses give you the opportunity to use aerodynamic equipment and industry leading software ensuring you are using the most current tools used in the workplace.

As an Aerospace Engineering student, you’ll find our lab technicians always on-hand to provide you with support when designing and building your projects. Everything from multi-rota and fixed wing aircraft, to gliders and airships gets made here and put through its paces using industry-standard software.

Take advantage of having access to the rest of our engineering labs at Brunel and working with other engineering students to share and develop your ideas across the broader spectrum of engineering. 

Computer labs

Industry-standard specialist software in our computing labs including AA, AutoCAD, Catia, Creo (CAD – Computer Aided Design) and Matlab, Ansys (Analysis).

Supersonic and subsonic wind tunnels

Our laboratories have a range of wind tunnel facilities and unique measurement equipment that covers wide range of Machs number and Reynolds number applications.

Anechoic chamber 

Our chamber is uniquely equipped with a quiet open jet wind tunnel which enables us to measure, quantify and visualise the aerodynamic and aeroacoustics properties of flying structures (wings, propellers, etc.). Turbulent flow creates noise and reduces efficiency. Measurements are taken with industry standard microphone arrays and flow field visualised and measured with lasers (PIV – Particle Image Velocimetry).


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