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Aerospace Engineering skills development

By studying one of our aerospace engineering courses, you’ll learn to build and flight-test aeronautical vehicles.

Our courses will enable to you apply the key principles of science, technology and engineering to develop the design specifications of an aircraft using computer-aided design (CAD). Not only will you design, you’ll build and assemble aircrafts using material and structural testing.

As part of developing your skills, you’ll flight-test your projects to measure the manoeuvrability and landing capacity as well as the take-off distances. As a result, you’ll learn and develop your mathematical, analytical and problem-solving skills. Your technical and design expertise will be at a level of which is in demand by industry and sets you apart from the rest. You’ll develop and awareness of safety issues and attention to detail when working on different types of aircrafts.

With a good mix of theoretical and practical lessons in aerospace engineering you’ll be able to see how your learnings can be applied in a professional environment.

Our annual Brunel Engineers showcase gives you the opportunity to show off your talent to the industry with your project. It’s a great way of getting your CV and profile known to the industry professionals when looking at future career opportunities. Take a look at our highlights from last year’s show.

At Brunel, we highly value the role of practical learning so that it is taken above and beyond the labs and applied to real-life situations. Our industry links with companies like McLaren and Rolls Royce gives you an insight into the different types of roles in the industry like aeronautical engineers and the skills required for them.


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