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The University has previously had a very active Alumni Association here. Find out more about alumni from this country, what they have been up to and why they volunteered for the university.

Alumni Associate: VarunRaj Singh, BSc (Hons) Business and Management (2009)


What I’m doing now…

I am currently working with Tower Research Capital in Gurgaon and take care of Sourcing and Procurement for Asia. 

My best Brunel memory…

I have many fantastic memories from Brunel, but two stand out as especially memorable:

  1. During one particularly harsh winter, when one of my flat mates forgot to turn off the burners in the kitchen, we all had to evacuate outside. Everyone was incredibly cold and couldn’t help but curse the poor guy for his bad timing! 
  2. Nearing the end of the term, two of my mates and I decided to go to central London during the middle of the night. That evening made me realise how fortunate I was to be a part of lovely group of friends from a lovely university. We wandered all night outside and I came to the realisation that life is beautiful and at times, it can be mesmorising.

What Brunel means to me…
In one word? Enlightenment. It was an incredible experience for me. My time at Brunel helped me grow from a young 18 year old to an independent man, ready to take on the world.

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate…
I would love to contribute to the university which has given me an identity. I would love to enhance the reputation of Brunel University London with prospective students here in India by sharing my experiences with them and showing them what a difference it can make to their lives.

Anagha Doiphode, MSc Molecular Medicine & Cancer Research (2013)

What I'm doing now…
I’m currently working as a Senior Research Associate in a Healthcare Company.  I also educate people about cancer through seminars and workshops.

My best Brunel Memory…
Honestly, I have loads of fantastic memories with Brunel. It was an amazing experience from studying to making new friends, and all on a great campus where everything you need is in one place. I remember the Advanced Labs especially and having the opportunity and freedom to do the experiments; sometimes using your own ideas and suggestions where necessary.Anagha Doiphode

I loved the accommodation too… I made life-long friends from different countries experiencing different culture, languages, foods and so much more.  As well as academic teaching, there is so much more to learn on campus and much exchange of knowledge. The on-campus activities and events were enjoyable too. It was an incredible and beyond valuable learning experience that I couldn’t have received elsewhere.

What Brunel means to me…
I completed my (Bachelors) BSc. and MSc (Master of Science) in Biochemistry in Mumbai.  I wanted to further my education in this field and was very focused with my next move. I also kept in mind what I had to do which was something related to cancer in future.

Through my search I came across few European universities offering course’s in Molecular Medicine. Molecular Medicine was a new scientific discipline combining contemporary medical studies with the field of Biochemistry. It offers a bridge between these two subjects.

When I started finalizing my applications to study in the UK, I came across two courses; Molecular Medicine and Molecular Medicine and Cancer Research at Brunel.  Obviously, the latter was my choice.

I became spellbound by various mechanisms and molecular technologies which are leading to a number of exciting discoveries, furthering our knowledge of basic biological functions. These will lead to improvements in the quality of human life. For this, I needed to improve my instrumentation techniques and research methodologies. Since I was very well aware of the limitations of the programs in this field in my native country, I decided to pursue an MSc from Brunel University.  This experience gave me the opportunity to work closely with a team of researchers and helped me to understand the importance of good lab practice.

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate…
I would like to work for the future success of the university. Also as a gesture of thanks for all the experience and support I received during my time in Brunel.

I would like to help prospective students by sharing my experiences with them. It will help me to expand my network and also add value to my work. Brunel University is one of the best in London for studying. I want more students to pursue different courses as Brunel offers the best education delivering knowledge, skills and fun at the same time.


Divya Modi Tongya, BSc Economics & Business Finance (2003)

What I’m doing now ….
Managing my own Family InvestmeDivya Tongya's Pic v1nt office where we are looking to invest in entrepreneurs in the Healthcare and Consumer space in India.

My best Brunel memory …
My best Brunel memories are from the beautiful campus. I really enjoyed being part of a campus environment away from the city, where one could really be in an inspiring and learning environment.

What Brunel means to me …
Brunel was my first time away from home and was a great learning experience for me both academically and personally. A lot of my decisions on what to do next professionally and academically were developed during my time at Brunel.

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate …
I believe that the value of any educational institute is derived by its alumni connections and having a strong alumni association would be a lifelong learning experience for all the people involved.