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Start an Alumni Association

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Start an Alumni Association

Alumni associations are organised by a worldwide network of volunteers and institutional ambassadors, dedicated to staying connected with Brunel through organising social events, professional networking opportunities and many more activities! Groups provide a point of contact for alumni new to an area, helping to develop personal, social and professional networks and keep alumni in touch with Brunel. They’re a great place to meet new people, share stories about Brunel and have fun!

What are the benefits?

Networking - From business collaborations to job opportunities and professional development

Welcoming - New to an area or country? Seek advice, recommendations or a friendly face to help you settle in.

Mentoring - Meet inspirational and experienced people and help others to learn from your skills and experience.

Socialising - Make new friends, expand your social circles and reminisce about your Brunel days.

What is involved?

Leadership - Each group will require a main point of contact for new members and to drive the group’s activity. This person will be responsible for liaising with the Alumni Office about events and new group members.

Events - The group will decide how frequently the association meets. It could be monthly or less frequently, but our office recommends a minimum of three meetings a year.

Communication - Each association will have an online group for members to connect with each other, share photographs of events and promote any upcoming gatherings or events.

How do the Alumni Office support?

Promoting your events on our online alumni network and our social media sites to help generate interest.

Contacting alumni in your area to encourage them to join your group.

We can help with suggestions of suitable venues for group activities.

We’ll let you know if Brunel staff are visiting your area giving you an opportunity to meet with them.

We will send you regular communications to check-in, suggest ideas for events and best practice and share your ideas with others.

We’ll set-up an online community to help you interact with other global chapter members and share event ideas and photographs.

Expectations of a Volunteer

You will be welcoming and create a safe environment, demonstrating respect and fair treatment of everyone.

You will demonstrate passion and commitment to the alumni association and to refrain from public criticism of fellow volunteers, staff or the university.

You will be organised in the management of your role and be responsive when communicating with our office.

Overall volunteers will reflect the core values of Brunel University including being ‘Open and honest’, ‘Fair and Inclusive’, ‘Determined’ and ‘Focused on excellence’.

How to get started?

We’re here to help! Contact alumni@brunel.ac.uk for information and advice about setting up an alumni association where you live.