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The University has previously had a very active Alumni Association here. Find out more about alumni from this country, what they have been up to and why they volunteered for the university.

Elizabeth Cawein - MA Contemporary Music, 2009

What I’m doing now ….

I'm based in my hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, where I run a boutique music publicity and marketing agency called Signal Flow that I founded in 2011. I also direct a not-for-profit music advocacy organization called Music Export Memphis, which I launched in 2015 in response to what I saw as a need to simultaneously better tell our city's contemporary music story and create Elizabeth Caweinmeaningful opportunities for our music community.

My best Brunel memory …

I was a part of Brunel's first-ever production of The Vagina Monologues, a play and cause I'd been involved with as an undergraduate student in the United States for several years. It was a joy to experience it with Brunel women and it was through that production that I met one of my very best friends - she was also studying music, but as an undergraduate, so our paths may not have crossed otherwise. Last year she travelled to the states to be a bridesmaid in my wedding!

I also have wonderful memories of all of my performances on campus, but particularly the opportunities I had to sing with the undergraduate jazz band under the direction of Frank Griffith.

What Brunel means to me …

Brunel for me is synonymous with self-discovery, learning and growth. I figured out more about who I am while a student at Brunel than during any other phase of my life.

Why I volunteer as an Alumni Associate …

I would love to see more U.S. students pursue higher education in the UK, period, and if they could choose to do that at Brunel that would be pretty fantastic icing on the cake! My time at Brunel meant so much to me and it is truly my pleasure to be able to share my story with others and be a champion for this great university.