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Oman Alumni Association

Did you know that approximately 150 Brunel alumni live in Oman? Our aim is to bring alumni living, working and visiting Oman together, to create a supportive and engaging space for alumni, and to give you opportunities to expand your professional network, reconnect with your university and to make new friends through the Alumni Association.

Dr. Amor Almataani, President of the Oman Alumni Association, invites you to connect with fellow alumni in this opportunity to achieve personal networking and career growth. By joining, you will have opportunities to connect with fellow alumni in Oman through reunion events, as well as recent graduates returning to the country.

To join the Alumni Association and to receive information about events, activities and news, or to support Oman in the leadership of the Alumni Association please email

Meet Your Group Leaders

Dr. Amor Almataani – President of the Oman Alumni Association

Dr Amor Almataani (Oman)