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BRF criteria

As the aim of the BRF is to support organisations to adapt and build resilience for their recovery and future growth through collaboration with Brunel’s academic experts, we will assess the application using the criteria below:

  • Match with University expertise : The requested R&D and Innovation support is within the expertise of Brunel.
  • Demonstrable impact: The award will lead to opportunities for further innovation by the partner organisation; for example, to test and generate evidence on the viability of a new solution, to take forward new solutions leading to a more robust business model or to apply the results of the award to improve operational efficiency.
  •  Value addition: Clarity on how the proposed project will strengthen the value proposition of the partner organisation and how it will help Brunel to fulfil its mission on knowledge transfer.
  • Potential for longer term relationship: How the proposed plan and outcomes will generate opportunities for further R&D and Innovation projects and how it will support development of a longer-term collaborative partnership. 


UK Registered organisations (Businesses, SMEs, Charities and Healthcare or similar organisations) that have submitted at least two years accounts to Companies House (where relevant) and generated sales revenue of at least £100,000 each year are eligible.  Organisations from West London are particularly welcomed.