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Multilevel invertor powers success for clean-tech company

Brunel technology delivers 40% savings in capital cost for pioneering clean-tech innovation company

The need

Brunel has worked with Enertechnos to research, develop and commercialise a new Capacitive Transfer System (CTS) cable which reduces energy loss and can be manufactured, installed and maintained with existing equipment. It was also important to achieve a reduction in infrastructure required to run it, such as booster stations. 

The outcome

  • Revised its company strategy
  • Increase in staff from 4 to over 20
  • A new Capacitive Transfer System (CTS) cable which reduces energy loss by between 10% and 20%
  • A strengthened patent portfolio
  • Reduced the capital cost of projects by up to 40%
  • Development of in-house technical capabilities 
  • Installation of 15 miles of cable to Western Power Distribution 
  • A commercial license for manufacture in Europe for £250,000 per year
  • Influencing UK public policy on electricity pricing 

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Case study last modified 20/10/2022

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