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Innovation transforms structural integrity industry

Collaboration with Brunel transforms TWI’s business model

The need

Brunel’s research programme in structural integrity, in collaboration with The Welding Institute (TWI), has been developing new technologies for the non-destructive testing of oil & gas pipelines, plates, rails, aircraft wires and other infrastructure since 2003. There was an industry-led need to carry out medium- and long-term research and postgraduate training focused on the structural integrity of products, plants and infrastructure across the energy, transport, advanced manufacturing and infrastructure sectors. 

The solution

In 2009 the launch of a joint venture, the Brunel Innovation Centre provided a platform to address the innovation challenges of TWI’s 700+ industrial members. In 2012 the 2 organisations built a new facility, the National Structural Integrity Research Centre (NSIRC)

The outcome

  • Training over 250 engineers in higher level research skills, most of whom are now working at TWI or one of their member companies
  • The implementation or improvement of more than 50 technologies
  • The completion of over 81 externally funded industrial projects
  • Staff at TWI and their member companies worked with Brunel staff on over 70 industrially focused research papers, helping them develop research and collaboration skills, a good understanding of rigorous research methodologies and broadening their technological knowledge
  • The work done within NSIRC has contributed to 24 ISO standards
  • Brunel's work with a TWI subsidiary, Plant Integrity, to support the development of its Teletest technology, drove up sales to over £5m per annum in 2016/17, and led to the sale of the technology to Eddyfi for £7,75m in 2017.

Partnering with confidence

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Case study last modified 11/10/2022

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