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Additive Manufacturing Technology in Construction (AMTC)

Additive manufacturing (AM) is a procedure that forms layers to create a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model. The technology allows architects to make customised and complex designs in a one-step process.The construction sector is going through huge growth and change with regards to construction technology and methodology. Reducing construction time is a key change separating modern and conventional modes of construction.

The main aims of the AMTC research group are firstly to develop printing systems with relative mechanical adaptations required for the robots/robotic arms to be able to realise complex architectural designs which brings added structural load bearing functionalities to the product. Secondly, feedstocks developments are undergoing to reach printable cementitious-based and polymer based materials for the use in construction.The key for the success of the AMTC research group is the multidisciplinary work involving materials science, computation, robotics, and architecture/design, in synergy for the successful implementation of this eco-innovative technology in construction.

For more information and potential collaboration, please contact Dr Seyed Ghaffar.