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Pavement & Ground Engineering Research Group (PAGE)

Pavement Engineering: Pavement evaluation; techniques and optimisation of maintenance management methodologies; health monitoring and non-destructive based evaluation; back-analysis and residual life prediction; utilisation of soft computing in condition data analysis; application of emerging technology, especially, thermography, 3D imaging and sensor technology; asphalt material characterisation including rheology of bitumen and asphalt mixtures; thermal segregation in asphalt compaction, mechanical properties such as stiffness, fatigue and resistance to permanent deformation; interfacial characterisation (adhesion and cohesion) of bitumen-aggregate to address moisture susceptibility of asphalt mixtures.

Research in furable pothole
(Research in durable pot hole repair)

Construction Material Protection: Protecting asphalt, concrete, stone, masonry and other porous construction materials against the destructive effects of atmospheric pollution, climatic weathering, chemical attack, freeze-thaw and other deterioration agencies.

construction material protection
(Research in hydrophobic impregnation and improved bridge deck waterproofing)

Environmental Sustainability: The development and application of greener and smarter materials. This includes the application of high performance nanotechnology materials and the use of recycled and secondary aggregates in asphalt and concrete; life cycle performance model of emerging asphalt materials to integrate with performance metrics by reducing environmental impacts and energy use; Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect on exposed paved surfaces.