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CPD for schools that makes a difference

The Department of Education has expertise in a range of areas including pedagogy, curriculum development and research. We believe that this expertise has its greatest value when it links to the context of schooling ‘on-the ground’.

We have a track record of leading Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in school settings, whether this be one-off sessions, short programmes or longer research projects, across both the primary and secondary phases. We appreciate that each school setting is unique and we take the time to discuss your development needs to ensure sessions are tailored to your context.

We have the capacity to lead CPD on the university campus in Uxbridge. This provides an opportunity for teachers to work in a different setting in a vibrant and stimulating environment.

The following will give you a flavour of some of the CPD we can offer:

  • Developing Children’s Reading Comprehension (KS1 – KS3)
  • Developing Thinking Skills for Mastery in Mathematics (KS2/KS3)
  • Early Years and Early Primary STEM
  • PBL in STEAM for Primary Teachers
  • Supporting the teaching of abstract concepts in A level Biology
  • Establishing effective mentoring practices
  • Teacher Continuing Professional Development (CPD): Doing it differently
  • Using classroom-based action research

If you would like to find out more please contact Dr Wayne Tennent:

We look forward to working alongside you.