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Flood and Coastal Engineering facilities

Through our partnership with HR Wallingford, Flood and Coastal Engineering students have access to the best hydraulics facilities in the UK.

If you decide to study the Flood and Coastal Engineering foundation degree, you will spend time over the summer at HR Wallingford's facilities as part of an intensive summer school.

As experts in the management of water and the water enrivonment, HR Wallingford have world-leading hydraulics facilities which can recreate real-world flood situations. The knowledge gained from their facilities is used to teach the flood engineer specialists of the future.

Learn the practical elements of flood engineering

Facilities you will have access to through Brunel's partnership with HR Wallingford include:

  • Fast flow facility - one of the world's largest marine test facilities, delivering high-specification capability in wave-current-sediment-structure modelling
  • Tsunami simulator - creating model-scale tsunamis, allowing researchers to understand the potential impact on the coastline
  • Physical modelling - covering 14,000 square metres
  • Flood product testing - a national laboratory which assesses the leakage of new flood protection products

Apply for the Flood and Coastal Engineering foundation degree to learn in prestigious facilities