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Careers and your future in Flood and Coastal Engineering

Our Flood and Coastal Engineering degrees are designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience you need to start a career in flood risk management as soon as you graduate.

The focus on work placements with the Environment Agency during the foundation degree allows you to put your skills to use whilst working alongside professionals in the industry. You will use this time to build contacts, further your knowledge, and experience what the day-to-day life of a flood engineer is really like.

As the Environment Agency are sponsors of our Flood and Coastal Engineering courses, they aim to secure a continual intake of high-calibre graduates. Though a job at the end of your degree isn't guaranteed, this connection does set you in good stead for the future as your skills will also be highly sought after in Risk Management Authorities.

The responsibilities of a Flood Engineer:

  • Building detailed flood models to describe flood risk
  • Developing and building flood protection schemes
  • Maintaining and enhancing rivers and flood risk assessts
  • Providing expert advice about waves, estuarine, coastal, river and surface water flood risk
  • Delivering a 24/7 incident response service
  • Providing advice and guidance to communities at risk

Take the first step towards a career in flood risk management