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Careers and your future in Games Design

At Brunel you will be taught relevant skills that will enable you to enter the games industry or a related field such as media, arts and the creative industries. 

The games design industry is booming and it offers an excellent career path with plenty of opportunities for development and innovation. Our Games Design courses cover the skills needed to make games of all types, whilst also offering a rigorous education that will last a lifetime. You will learn how to design and prototype your own games, write games design documents, pitch games and develop skills in digital asset creation, image manipulation and 3D modelling relevant to design roles.

The skills you'll gain from a Games Design degree - effective communication, leadership, self-management, initiative and personal responsibility, as well as design methodology and systems  - are all applicable to other sectors too. A Games Design degree can lead to a career in a variety of sectors, including project management, marketing and web design.

Our students have also found roles in a variety of games studios and organisations including Rovio, Rockstar and Ubisoft. They work as junior game designers, animators, games artists and operations executives.

Alongside your involvement in the games community by attending conferences, networking and participating in gaming jams, the portfolio that you work hard to develop will be an impressive demonstration of your talent and skills. During the summer break we offer students the chance to work on team projects for Octopus 8, a games studio run by industry veterans to highlight new talent. The finished games are then published on Steam. Could yours be the next hit?

I think Brunel is a top choice especially if you want to get into the games industry because you get so many opportunities to meet people. You get so many connections, and the lecturers really know what it's like to get into the industry - they've been there!
Fabio Cavallari, Games Producer at Mediatonic

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