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Brunel’s Games Design team works closely with Tranzfuser to encourage the development of game talent.

Brunel University London is a founding local hub, having participated in the first scheme in 2016 and every year since. Over the years, we have had three winners - The Orchid Nebula, Will it Golf, and Days Lost as well as Project Grove who found success from the exposure.

This programme, run by UK Games Talent, is aimed at final year students and graduates who want to get into the games industry and those who want to get their games to market.

The nationwide talent programme comprises individual regional teams with 6 or fewer members and  who each have a distinct role to play in getting their game from concept to playable demo. Teams work on their projects from June to September. Successful teams will be awarded £5,000 to spend on the production of a demo that will produce something to showcase at the Tranzfuser event at the end of September. This is an amazing opportunity for  games designers to demonstrate talents, skills and hardwork to a high-profile, industry-specific audience and to get feedback to further improve their game.

In 2016, one of the 18 teams taking part included Shiny Happy People: a team from Brunel who went on to showcase their game at the highly-regarded EGX video games festival in Birmingham, attended more than 75,000 gamers.

Tranzfuser is a great opportunity for our graduates to receive funding and exposure to help kick-start their careers in the game industry, and we know it works.

Mario Michaelides, Reader in Games Design