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The Games Design team encourages our students to develop and acquire a range of skills and experiences that will help them to achieve their goals in their academic studies and in their professional lives.

Taking part in the Ukie student games jam is one of many opportunities that allow our students to use the theories and methodologies learned on our courses in a practical sphere and to showcase their work to the industry. Ukie game jams give students learning and experience outside of the class, to give 'tangible game making experience' to the students and to build links between educators and the games industry.

Our Games Design team understand the industry and they know what it takes to succeed and to stand out in this growing, but competitve market. Game jam experience - where students are working in teams, networking with fellow games designers, meeting industry experts and coping with deadline-driven demands - exposes them to situations they are likely to encounter when working in a gaming studio, a large gaming company or a startup. Taking part in a game jam ensures that students graduate as experienced, skilled and highly-employable games designers who are able to work in the gaming industry or in allied fields.

As a Brunel Games Design student we will pay for your Ukie membership subscription. Your Ukie subscription will give you access to  practical support, advice, guidance, introductions, and discounts on services. It's also a useful resource for information about the industry, and industry news and events.

Ukie is the trade organisation for the UK's games and interactive entertainment industry. It's a not-for-profit organisation that represents businesses of all sizes. It also commissions and compiles a lot of information and statistics about the industry that is useful to anyone interested in this market.

Brunel's Games Design students game jam success

Brunel's Games Design students have been successful in Ukie game jams: