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If you are looking to recruit new staff in your organisation, or train your existing workforce, Brunel offer a variety of apprenticeship programmes to support your organisation’s needs.

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a genuine job with an accompanying assessment and skills development programme. It is a way for individuals to earn while they learn, gaining valuable skills and knowledge in a specific job role. The apprentice gains this through a wide mix of learning in the workplace, formal off-the-job training and the opportunity to practise new skills in a real work environment. Apprenticeships benefit employers and individuals, and by boosting the skills of the workforce they help to improve economic productivity.

Benefits of an apprenticeship

Apprenticeships act as a vital UK wide vehicle for employer investment in their workforce, allowing employers to develop the skills they need, both for offering opportunities for those already in work and those entering the workplace for the first time.   Many employers are already reaping significant benefits. 

  • 78% of employers have seen improved productivity across the workforce
  • 74% identified that their service or product quality has improved
  • 65% recognise the new ideas apprentices bring to their organisation
  • 83% would recommend apprentices to other businesses

 Source: Learners and Apprentices Survey 2018 report.

How are they structured?

Designed by employers

Apprenticeships are designed and developed by employers, universities and professional bodies working in partnership, combining working whilst studying at Brunel.

On and off the job training

By completing a degree apprenticeship, your apprentice will spend 20% of their working hours undertaking study and applying learning in the workplace.

Knowledge, skills, behaviours = occupation

Apprenticeships are underpinned by knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSB’s) that apprentices will develop in order to be competent in the occupation or job role. At the end of the programme, apprentices will undertake a synoptic end-point assessment to demonstrate their competency against the KSB’s. Apprentice’s gain KSB’s through on and offthejob training throughout the programme.

Fully managed service

When you choose Brunel as your apprenticeship training provider, we will provide a fully managed service to guide you through each stage of the process.

Developing your strategy

Your apprenticeship development manager will work with you to understand your current and future skills and training requirements for your workforce, how apprenticeships can address these challenges and support you in measuring return on investment by undertaking apprenticeships in your business.

Programme design

Your curriculum specialists will work closely with you to ensure that the programme truly meets the needs of your organisation. From sequencing the order of content, to designing assessment activities that will deliver meaningful impact to your organisation, our tailor-made approach will ensure you get the most from apprenticeship programmes.


We will work with you to identify funding options for your apprenticeship programmes. If you’re a levy-paying organisation, our funding team will work with you to identify how you can maximise your levy contributions to get the most from your programme

Business engagement

We will work with you to create an impactful engagement campaign to ensure you get buy-in across your organisation. We can create a range of tailor-made materials to drive awareness with managers and potential learners to ensure everyone is well prepared prior to programme launch.

Managed recruitment service

If you’re looking for new recruits in your organisation, we can provide a complimentary full recruitment, selection and assessment service at no extra cost. For existing members of staff nominations, we are able to provide shortlist and screening to criteria set by you. 

Ongoing programme management

Your apprenticeship development manager will work with you throughout the duration of your programme. From providing regular updates of the progress learners are making, to identifying new opportunities to grow and enhance your programme, your development manager is on hand every step of the way.

Apprenticeships benefit employers and individuals and improve economic productivity