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New article published by Dr Jingrong Tong on the EU, othering and im/migrants in news media

Brunel's Dr Jingrong Tong and Landong Zuo have published a new article entitled 'Othering the European Union through constructing moral panics over  ‘im/migrant(s)’ in the coverage of migration in three British  newspapers, 2011–2016' in International Communication Gazette. Read the abstract to the article below and access it here.

"The article offers a corpus-driven computer-assisted analysis of newspaper language immediately surrounding ‘im/migrant(s)’ in the Guardian, the Daily Telegraph and the Sun and their Sunday publications between 2011 and 23 June 2016. It reveals that the newspapers increasingly ‘othered’ the European Union (EU) through constructing moral panics over ‘illegal’/‘EU’ ‘im/migrant(s)’ prior to the referendum, despite noticeable differences across them. It confirms that the EU was imagined as the origin and conduit of migrants entering the UK, especially by the two right-wing newspapers, constructing an antagonism between Britain and the EU, with implications for understanding the role of news media in shaping and signifying public discourses about Brexit. The conventional stigmatising norms labelling ‘immigrants’ have been adopted and extended to associate the object of the EU with the moral panics over ‘immigrants’, which reflects the changes in social representations of ‘immigrants’ and ‘the EU’."