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Why study Life Sciences at Brunel?

Create a degree as unique as you with our Life Sciences BSc

Studying life sciences at Brunel builds your understanding of living beings on a cellular, biomechanical, environmental and psychological level.

You’ll hit the ground running and rapidly start learning from day one of your Life Sciences degree. Our academics will give you a unique combination of knowledge which includes biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, sports and exercise biology, biological psychology and the biological environment.

You’re also able to use our extensive range of labs and start learning to use basic lab equipment, gradually working your way up to more specialist forensic equipment and analytical software.

You’ll work on real data to develop and improve your analytical skills. An example of this is how you will use the UK Biobank data (a major national and international health resource) to explore how lifestyle, health and genetics can intersect, showing physical and mental patterns in our behaviour.

Your Life Sciences degree offers excellent job prospects and access to a range of careers within science and many other industries. You can choose to pursue a career in a diverse range of fields such as sport, biomedical research or ecology, and environmental management. Your degree will also prepare you for further study and research in life sciences.