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Life Sciences facilities

At Brunel, you’ll have the opportunity to use facilities across a number of disciplines from biology, sports and psychology on your Life Sciences degree.

From day one, you’re able to use our extensive range of labs and start using basic lab equipment, gradually working your way up to more specialist forensic equipment and analytical software giving you a learning experience like no other.

Molecular Laboratory

We’re famous for our cancer research. The molecular laboratory is used for modern molecular biology techniques, such as molecular cloning.

Tissue Culture Laboratory

You can practice on laminar flow hoods and incubators which are used on a variety of human cell types including cancer cells, normal cells and those from patients with various inherited genetic diseases.

Microscope Laboratory

Use our 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional fluorescence microscopy which are utilised in the imaging of human cells and chromosomes

Fly Laboratory

Fruit flies are used to help you research and study the genetics of ageing.


These machines are used to amplify DNA and electrophoresis gel to help you progress your knowledge in the study of DNA.

Physiology Laboratory

Our Physiology Laboratory is equipped with cycle (mechanically and electro-magnetically braked), rowing and treadmill ergometers, online breath by breath gas analysis systems and blood analysers for various metabolites including lactate, glucose and blood gases. The lab also boasts an environmental chamber, providing temperatures from 0°C up to 50°C.

We have a dedicated Respiratory Lung Function Laboratory with full pulmonary function test equipment as well as a body plethysmograph (Body Box) – one of only a few sports science laboratories in the country to do so.

The Sport division also benefits from Brunel’s Human Tissue license – awarded by the Human Tissue Authority – allowing the storage of blood, muscle, urine, saliva samples for future further analysis.

Biomechanics Laboratory

Our Biomechanics Laboratory is equipped with 3D real-time motion capture as well as pressure platforms, force platforms and an instrumented treadmill containing force platforms.

We also have isokinetic dynamometry equipment and electromyography equipment. Performance analysis software is available for individual and team analysis of key performance indicators.


Electroencephalography (EEG) uses electrodes to measure electrical activity in certain psychological states. Our dedicated EEG lab houses 32- and 64-channel (MRI compatible) Neuroscan EEG systems.


A fusion of psychology and physics that tracks the measurable effect of physical stimuli on the senses. We have a dedicated visual psychophysics laboratory equipped with display systems and a VSG 2/5 stimulus generator (Cambridge Research Systems).

Eye tracking

We use Eye Link 1000 eye trackers in our dedicated cubicles. By tracking the eyes, we can study the effect that brain process have on behaviour, language, attention span, memory and perception.