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Petrol Concept Class 2

Brunel Masters Motorsport (Founded 2004) is the MSc team for Brunel University that compete in the Formula Student event that is carried out each year. Comprised wholly of level 5 Masters of Automotive and Motorsport Engineering students; the team aims to successfully manage a racing team that will design and prototype a single seater racing vehicle that is to compete in the Formula Student Class 2 event.

Francisco Sousa


Name: Francisco Sousa

Age: 21

Nationality: Portuguese

Course: MSc Automotive and Motorsport Engineering
Francisco joined Brunel Masters Motorsport in September of 2019 as a part of his Major Group project. He is one of two technical directors for the team and is in charge of the Chassi, aerodynamics and suspensions supervision. Moreover, Francisco is the chassis designer for the SWAN III car and is hoping to bring his knowledge and experience into his design.
Francisco studied Mechanical Engineering at De Montfort University where he finished with an honours first class. He has gain experience with engineering design with a summer intern, where he was a part of the developement sector, designed and manufacturing new parts.

Seong Gyu Lee


Seong Gyu Lee, 24 from Korea. He graduated from  Korea Maritime and Ocean University in Korea. After he finishes his course in Korea, he decided to get a master's degree in the UK. He changed his major to follow his passion to the Motorsports industry and enrolled in MSc in Automotive and Motorsport Engineering at Brunel University London. He takes responsibility for the Aerodynamic package, especially in sidepods. He wants to develop the knowledge of the car as possible as he can and the teamwork through the project.

Hanna Allakkis


My name is Hanna Allakkis and I am from Lebanon.I'm 25 years old with a degree in mechatronics engineering from balamand university and I love cars. I'm a part of the Suspension team and responsible of rear kinematic and rocker design.

Jerin Joy

 jerin_headshot_sm (2)

Jerin Joy, 25 is from Kerala, India and he graduated from Vellore Institute of Technology, India with a BTech in Mechanical Engineering. After completing his degree, he interned at Triumph and Rajputana Custom Motorcycles where he developed his technical skills with hands on experience.

In 2019 Jerin decided to follow his passion and enrolled for MSc in Automotive and Motorsport Engineering here at Brunel University London.

Working on the Suspension team, he’ll be developing the front anti-roll bars and also in addition to it, Jerin has taken the role of Public Relations Manager. He believes the teamwork and people management skills he has honed over the past few years at work along with his passion and knowledge of motor vehicles will benefit the BMM team. He aims to enhance the public image of BMM racing and promote the team’s brand within the automotive industry and the university.

Leslee Muttathottil

 leslee_headshot_sm (1)

This is Leslee Muttathottil. He is a 24-year-old Irish citizen, who is originally from India. He graduated from Dublin City University in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. He worked in food manufacturing for 2 years after graduation.  

Now as part of the master programme, he is leading the Suspension team for the Brunel Masters Motorsport team. He is working on the front kinematics for the team.

Naworn Waradilok

 naworn_headshot_sm (1)

Naworn Waradilok (24) from Thailand. Before he did the bachelor’s degree in the UK, he took a year off for gaining some work experience in a motorsport field in a local racing/rally team and auto repair shop as a trainee. At that time, he also joined a course in physics with minors in applied mathematics and computer science at Mahidol University International College. After he did a course for a year, he received a partial scholarship to study undergraduate courses and obtained a degree in automotive engineering from Birmingham University. For this year, he has an opportunity to take a part in the BMM team as a manager of the driver control group and responsible for designing a steering system for the team.


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