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India's Principal Scientific Advisor praises Brunel's hydrogen research and facilities during visit


Left to right: Dr Abhishek Lahiri, Jeet Jandu and Prof Hua Zhao; Brunel’s Vice-Chancellor and President Prof Andrew Jones; India’s Principal Scientific Advisor Prof Ajay Kumar SoodDr Averil Horton and Babita Sharma.

India’s Principal Scientific Advisor, Prof Ajay Kumar Sood, was warmly welcomed to Brunel University London’s campus on Friday 28 April, during which he explored the university’s unique approach to hydrogen research, training and applications, and endorsed its ongoing commitment to working with Indian researchers (in hydrogen and other technologies).

Prof Sood was given a tour of the engine lab by Dr Xinyan Wang, and discussed the research and technologies that will eventually enable the transition from diesel to hydrogen, mainly for HGV and marine applications.


Dr Xinyan Wang showed Prof Sood an internal combustion engine 


Prof Hua Zhao discussed hydrogen research with Prof Sood in the engine lab

Dr Wang also demonstrated to Prof Sood the innovative nano-bubbles generator, which is a new approach in hydrogen research. The technique is initially being developed with air bubbles in water before it will be used to blend hydrogen nanobubbles in a range of fuels.


Prof Sood being shown a nano-bubble demonstration in the engine lab

Prof Sood also visited an optical chamber within the lab and observed new equipment that enables the exploration of hydrogen combustion through the use of laser and other analysis of the entire engine cycles.


Dr Wang explained the optical engine to Prof Sood


Raghul Nagarajan, a doctoral researcher in hydrogen combustion, discussed his work with Prof Sood

Brunel has facilities to operate and research a hydrogen-only engine, and a new space is being planned to facilitate an MSc in Hydrogen Engineering. This will meet the demand from those already working in the energy sector.


Dr Abhishek Lahiri showcased the new teaching space for MSc Hydrogen Engineering

Prof Sood said: “The visit to Brunel University London brought out the exciting work going on in the field of energy transition, particularly green hydrogen. The visit to the labs showcasing hydrogen internal combustion engines and manufacturing facilities was very impressive. The interest in enhancing engagement with India was articulated very well by all the people I met, including the Vice-Chancellor.”

Reported by:

Nadine Palmer, Media Relations
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