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Climate ED - Workshop Facilitator

Details of the Charity:

Climate ED is a charity offering free education to children about climate change and carbon literacy.

We offer free climate workshops to primary schools in London. In the programme students learn about climate science in detail, then they learn about carbon literacy. They have a go at measuring their carbon footprints, as well as those of their teachers and families. We also give them fun, simple, practical ideas to help their family reduce their footprint

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

Do you want to inspire children to get engaged in the fight against climate change? Then sign up to become a Climate ED Ambassador

If you become an ambassador, you’ll play a crucial role in helping Climate Ed work at the forefront of climate change education. We are a fun team and provide full training and support. As a volunteer-led organisation, the ambassadors are at the core of the charity and its mission. 

Volunteer Tasks:

You will go to a primary school in London to deliver a workshop programme about climate change/carbon footprints and inspire the children to start taking action on climate change! More specifically, this involves:

  • Undertaking a short training to gain familiarity with the workshop materials (this can be done remotely).
  • Delivery of a programme of workshops (five in total, each lasting one hour) during school hours. (You won't manage the students alone - the teacher remains with you the whole time).
  • Supporting children with activities related to the workshop, like producing board displays in their school.
  • Providing feedback to Climate Ed about the effectiveness of the programme

Skills Required:

  • An interest in climate change.A passion for sharing your knowledge with others.
  • The ability to engage children and answer their questions.
  • A drive to motivate the next generation to take action and build themselves a bright future

Additional Benefits:

  • Full Climate Ed workshop resources
  • Online training and support
  • Introductions to schools who want to deliver the programme
  • Guidance about climate science and communication skills
  • An application for a DBS certificate on your behalf
  • Volunteering Hours to go towards the Brunel Volunteers Award

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