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Sepsis Research FEAT - Student Ambassador (TikTok)

Details of the Charity:

Our vision is to Stop Sepsis Now.

Our mission is to save lives and optimize outcomes for sepsis patients through world-leading research, and awareness-raising.

Details of the Volunteering Opportunity:

We’re looking for a couple of student ambassadors who can create TikTok content for Sepsis Research FEAT on a volunteer ad hoc basis: ideally 2 or 3 videos a month.

Skills Required:

  • Experience in using Tiktok
  • Able to create engaging content
  • Trustworthy and able to represent the charity in a professional manner

Additional Benefits:

  • Volunteering experience with a charity
  • Raising awareness of a condition that kills around 50,000 people every year in the UK. Awareness saves lives
  • Valuable experience for your CV
  • Insight into the marketing strategies of a charitable organization
  • Volunteering Hours to go towards the Brunel Volunteers Awards

  • Interested? Apply below:
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  • Have you come to study at Brunel from outside the UK
  • If you are an international student which visa do you hold?
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