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Dr Ashraf Ahmed Mohamed
Reader in Civil Engineering

Howell Building 248


Ashraf is a fellow member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management, chartered Engineer (CEng), chartered Environmentalist (CEnv), and Chartered Water and Environmental Manager of CIWEM (C.WEM). He has a BSc, Meng from Egypt, and PhD from the University of Manchester, all in Civil Engineering. Before joining academia, he worked in the industry for a short period in reinforced concrete design. Ashraf is currently a Reader at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Brunel University London. Before joining Brunel, he was a lecturer at the School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast. Ashraf has been involved in research grants totalling more than £9 million as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator from EU, EPSRC, Newton, Innovate UK, and other sources. Ashraf is the principal investigator at Brunel for the project WE-ACT (€526,864,  January 2023 - December 2026) where he leads a team to build a machine learning model for efficient water management in a transboundary river area at central Asia.  This Horizon EU project is funded by UKRI through the UKRI Horizon Europe Funding Guarantee. Current research interests include the use of Artificial intelligence and deep learning in solving Civil Engineering problems, especially problems related to Environmental issues, water flow, and the impact of climate change.

Ashraf is the developer and course director of the MSc in Water& Environmental Engineering. Externally, he serves as a member of CIWEM accreditation panel and is also an assessor of CEng, and CEnv applications.

Newest selected publications

Abdoulhalik, A., Ahmed, AA. and Abd-Elaty, I. (2024) 'Effects of layered heterogeneity on mixed physical barrier performance to prevent seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers'. Journal of Hydrology, 637. pp. 1 - 10. ISSN: 0022-1694 Open Access Link

Journal article

Abd-Elaty, I., Kuriqi, A. and Ahmed, A. (2024) 'Assessing salinity hazards in coastal aquifers: implications of temperature boundary conditions on aquifer–ocean interaction'. Applied Water Science, 14 (6). pp. 1 - 18. ISSN: 2190-5487 Open Access Link

Journal article

Kushwaha, NL., Kudnar, NS., Vishwakarma, DK., Subeesh, A., Jatav, MS., Gaddikeri, V., et al. (2024) 'Stacked Hybridization to Enhance the Performance of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for Prediction of Water Quality Index in the Bagh River Basin, India'. Heliyon, 10 (10). pp. e31085 - e31085. ISSN: 2405-8440 Open Access Link

Journal article

Abdoulhalik, A. and Ahmed, AA. (2024) 'A Comparative Analysis of Advanced Machine Learning Techniques for River Streamflow Time-Series Forecasting'. Sustainability, 16 (10). pp. 1 - 14.Open Access Link

Journal article

Abd-Elaty, I., Kuriqi, A., Ahmed, A. and Ramadan, EM. (2024) 'Enhanced groundwater availability through rainwater harvesting and managed aquifer recharge in arid regions'. Applied Water Science, 14 (6). pp. 1 - 18. ISSN: 2190-5495 Open Access Link

Journal article
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