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Dr Asieh Hosseini Tabaghdehi
Senior Lecturer in Strategy & Business Economy

Eastern Gateway 104h


I am Senior Lecturer of Strategy and Business Economy, associated with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Social and Digital Innovation research centre at Brunel Business School, and since September 2021, I have been serving as a Programme Lead for BSc International Business programme. I moved to Brunel in January 2020 as a Lecturer in Strategy and Business Economy and then Senior Lecturer in 2022. I am also currently serving as the Impact Lead at the Brunel Centre for AI and have combined that role with leading the capability area of Future of Work.

Responsible innovation centres around the ethical consideration applied to all stakeholders' collaboration at various levels and stages in digital ecosystems. My work explores the determinants and facilitators of smart data governance, seeking to understand the mechanisms through which ethical digital practices can be embedded, adopted, and sustained, with a particular focus on the data economy and sustainability, future workforce, and social value. My research on connected technology has been presented as both written and oral evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee and has been featured in national and international press. In addition to my academic work, I serve as a fellow member of the UK higher education community, an associate practitioner at Social Value International, and a member of the UK Energy Institute.


  • PhD in Economics& Finance (Brunel University London)
  • MSc International Money, Finance & Investment (Brunel University London)
  • PGCHE (Regents University London)
  • BA Theoretical Economics (University of Mazandaran)


  • BSc International Business Programme Leader
  • Module leader for UG Final Year Project/ Dissertation
  • Impact Lead and Lead Capability Area of 'Future of Work' at Brunel AI: Social and Digital Innovation Research Centre

Newest selected publications

Hosseini Tabaghdehi, SA. (2022) 'COVID-19 and Digital Economy: The Journey Towards a Digital Transformation in New Normal: How to Prepare for the Future', in Baltagi, BH., Moscone, F. and Tosetti, E. (eds.) The Economics of COVID-19. Bingley : Emerald Publishing Limited. , 296. pp. 95 - 104. ISBN 10: 1-80071-693-1. ISBN 13: 978-1-80071-694-0.

Book chapter

Hosseini Tabaghdehi, SA. and Kalatian, H. (2022) 'Trust in the global value chain in the digital era'. Strategic Change, 31 (1). pp. 129 - 135. ISSN: 1086-1718

Journal article

Nazarian, A., Atkinson, P., Foroudi, P., Velayati, R., Edirisinghe, D. and Hosseini Tabaghdehi, A. (2021) 'How leadership affects organisational citizenship behaviour – a study of independent hotels'. International Journal of Culture, Tourism and Hospitality Research, 16 (1). pp. 35 - 54. ISSN: 1750-6182 Open Access Link

Journal article

Tabaghdehi, SAH. (2021) 'Transition to low carbon economy: Opportunities and challenges', in Foroudi, P. and Palazzo, M. (eds.) Sustainable Branding: Ethical, Social, and Environmental Cases and Perspectives. London : Routledge. pp. 231 - 239. ISBN 13: 9780367428815.

Book chapter

Foroudi, P., Tabaghdehi, SAH. and Marvi, R. (2020) 'The Gloom of the COVID-19 Shock in the Hospitality Industry: A Study of Consumer Risk Perception and Adaptive Belief in the Dark Cloud of a Pandemic'. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 92 (January 2021). pp. 1 - 10. ISSN: 0278-4319 Open Access Link

Journal article
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