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Dr Caroline Di Bernardi Luft
Senior Lecturer in Psychology


I joined Brunel University London in November 2022 as a Senior Lecturer in Psychology in the Division of Psychology within the College of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences. Prior to joining, I was a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Queen Mary University of London (2015-2022). I am a cognitive neuroscientist focused on understanding the neural basis of creativity and learning, in individuals and in groups. My methodological approach combines neuroimaging (e.g. EEG) and transcranial direct and alternating current brain stimulation (tDCS and tACS) with advanced mathematical and signal processing techniques. 

Newest selected publications

Bikute, K., Di Bernardi Luft, C. and Beyer, F. (2022) 'The value of an action: Impact of motor behaviour on outcome processing and stimulus preference'. European Journal of Neuroscience, 56 (10). pp. 5823 - 5835. ISSN: 0953-816X Open Access Link

Journal article

Bennetts, RJ., Gregory, NJ., Tree, J., Di Bernardi Luft, C., Banissy, MJ., Murray, E., et al. (2022) 'Face specific inversion effects provide evidence for two subtypes of developmental prosopagnosia'. Neuropsychologia, 174. pp. 1 - 16. ISSN: 0028-3932 Open Access Link

Journal article

Di Bernardi Luft, C., Zioga, I., Giannopoulos, A., Di Bona, G., Binetti, N., Civilini, A., et al. (2022) 'Social synchronization of brain activity increases during eye-contact'. Communications Biology, 5 (1). pp. 1 - 15. ISSN: 2399-3642 Open Access Link

Journal article

Verdonk, C., Trousselard, M., Di Bernardi Luft, C., Medani, T., Billaud, J-B., Ramdani, C., et al. (2021) 'The heartbeat evoked potential does not support strong interoceptive sensibility in trait mindfulness'. Psychophysiology, 58 (10). pp. 1 - 13. ISSN: 0048-5772

Journal article

Zioga, I., Harrison, PMC., Pearce, MT., Bhattacharya, J. and Di Bernardi Luft, C. (2020) 'From learning to creativity: Identifying the behavioural and neural correlates of learning to predict human judgements of musical creativity'. NeuroImage, 206. pp. 116311 - 116311. ISSN: 1053-8119

Journal article
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