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Dr Dominik Havsteen-Franklin

Dr Dominik Havsteen-Franklin
Professor - Practice Arts Therapy

Gaskell Building 028


In 2011 Dominik founded and became head of the International Centre for Arts Psychotherapies Training (ICAPT) for Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust. The training centre has ben invaluable to disseminating good practice principles, and evidence based practice in health. The centre has had very positive feedback, winning the Dr Riz award for innovation in early 2017. In collaboration with a team of senior arts therapists and service users, Dominik leads on evaluation, design and delivery of training modules for NHS staff.  As the Trust arts therapies research and development lead, in 2014 Dominik also founded the Horizons Project to assist early career arts therapies researchers in developing and implementing qualitative and quantitative research methods in NHS contexts. Further to this, specialising in developing and applying art therapy methods to treat patients in a range of different contexts integrating physical health and mental health, I am a lead clinician and a supervisor for arts therapists across a range of health services. Dominik also has also led or co-led clinical model development for arts therapists working with different clinicl groups as part of different research teams. His published research to date has focused on practice development and defining clinical models from patient and clinician perspectives, working alongside or as part of research teams in health.


PhD in psychoanalysis

MSc Psychodynamics of Human Development

Accredited Art Psychotherapist, Dynamic Interpersonal Therapist, Mentalization Based Treatment Therapist


Brunel Arts and Humanities with Arts Therapies NHS Partnership

Newest selected publications

Havsteen-Franklin, D. (2019) 'Creative Arts Therapies', in Bateman, A. and Fonagy, P. (eds.) Handbook of Mentalizing in Mental Health Practice, Second Edition. American Psychiatric Pub. pp. 181 - 181. ISBN 10: 1615371400.

Book chapter

Havsteen-Franklin, D., Haeyen, S., Grant, C. and Karkou, V. (2018) 'A Systematic Review Using Thematic Synthesis of Arts Therapies Therapeutic Actions and Perceived Benefits in the Treatment of People with a Diagnosis of Cluster B Personality Disorder'. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 63. pp. 128 - 140. ISSN: 0197-4556 Open Access Link

Journal article

Havsteen-Franklin, D. (2017) 'Art therapy in mental healthcare: what makes a difference?'. Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal. ISSN: 1475-0724 Open Access Link

Journal article

Havsteen-Franklin, D., Jovanovic, N., Reed, N., Charles, M. and Lucas, C. (2017) 'Developing a shared language within arts psychotherapies: A personal construct psychology approach to understanding clinical change'. Arts in Psychotherapy, 55. pp. 103 - 110. ISSN: 0197-4556 Open Access Link

Journal article

Havsteen-Franklin, D., Maratos, A., Usiskin, M. and Heagney, M. (2016) 'Examining arts psychotherapies practice elements: Early findings from the Horizons Project'. Approaches: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Music Therapy, 8 (1). pp. 50 - 62. ISSN: 2459-3338 Open Access Link

Journal article
More publications